Lets Get Started…

First you will require a high quality file of your logo. Please refer to the Image Details below. If you are unable to obtain your logo within these specifications our GiftCardGroup Client Specialists will work with you and our graphics team to provide a suitable logo for you to use. This service is offered at an additional charge of $150 for a single logo file design. We offer 2 specific co-branding templates to use with each of our American Express Gift and Reward card products. You may position your selected logo within a vertical or horizontal safe area to the top left corner of each card design. The safe area is indicated as a pink rectangle within the card co-branding tool. You will select the specific card you wish to co-brand by card type and denomination to be loaded along with logo layout preference. Each card appears in order first with the vertical option and followed below by the horizontal layout option. You can confirm this by moving your curser over the card design preview image.

Next you will need to decide if you would like to co-brand the selected card design with a one-colour version of your logo or a full colour version. Below you can reference the Colour Chart of single colour options. The first time set up and approval fee is the same for both @ $250 and each impression is $1 per card for 1 colour and $2.25 for a full colour cobrand logo per card. Once you have decided on a colour option you will be taken to the design module by selecting the Co-Brand It button.

Within the design module you will find an “info” link that will walk you through the simple import and positioning procedure. Once complete you will save your design and continue with your order indicating the denomination you would like loaded to each card in your order.

With your completed check out for a new cobrand design our GiftCardGroup Client Specialists will begin the co-brand approval process with the selected card branding team. If there are any questions or concerns regarding your logo we will be in touch. Once approved and paid in full, your co-branded order will be sent to our production team. You will be updated with a shipment confirmation & tracking information once the order has left our facility.

Co-brand Image Details

Color Format: PMS

Image Resolution: 300dpi or above

Format: .SVG, .JPG, .JPEG, .PNG, .BMP, .GIF, .PDF, .AI, .EPS, .PSD (must have a transparent background) One Colour Options: Black, White, Red PMS 200C, Green PMS349C, Silver Matte PMS 877C, Gold Matt PMS 872C, Silver Metallic PMS877C, Gold Metallic PMS 872C, Royal Blue PMS 287C, Gray Metallic PMS10395

Co-brand One Colour Options

Steps to create a new co-brand card for design:

  1. Log in to your business account on our website. Select the card product you are interested in co-branding. If co-branding is available for that product, you will see a dropdown within the card details page following the short card description text "Please click here to begin".

  2. After you click on “Please click here to begin” you will see a dropdown with 2 options. Select “Design a new co-branded card”. Upon selecting that option, you can see a button at the bottom the reads “Co-brand it!” Before you start designing please select one colour or full colour from the second dropdown menu options.If you logo is in one colour, select appropriate colour from the dropdown. If your logo has a different colour, you can either select "Full Colour" or you can send an email to us here and we will look into your specific colour request.


  3. After selecting colour you can now click on “Co-brand it!” button and it will open an editor for uploading your logo and creating a new co-brand card design.

  4. Click on “Upload” tab to upload your logo.

  5. After you select your file and it gets uploaded successfully, you can see a small icon of your uploaded artwork.

    Note: If the uploaded file does not match the size or dpi requirement, it will show you an error. With no error message indicated in the upload area, you can begin.
  6. Click on the small icon of the logo you just uploaded. You can see that on the right side of the screen, there is a turquoise green coloured rectangle. This is your logo hidden behind the card image.

  7. Now on the right hand side of the page, you need to drag your logo into the pink rectangle on the card. If any part of your logo remains outside of the pink box, that part might get cropped when printing cards. You can change the size by dragging the edges of the turqoiuse green coloured box. Also you can flip it horizontally and vertically using the buttons available. If you don’t like the logo or want to try another you can simple delete it by clicking on the garbage button.

  8. You can reset everything by clicking on the reset button at the top right corner. There are zoom in and zoom out options to the right if the card image appears too large/small on your screen.

  9. Once everything is in place and you want to place order, just click on Continue Shopping. It will open a pop up. Click on save my design and enter denomiation value and quantiy.

Steps to order if you already have an approved co-brand design on file:

  1. If you have already ordered co-branded cards and you have a profile established with us, it's easy to order same cards again.
  2. You need to log in to your business account, select the product that you want to order  "Please click here to begin"..

  3. Select first option "Show your approved co-branded designs". This will show all the approved designs associated to your account profile.

  4. Select the design that you want to order. Enter denomination value and quantity and click on "Add to cart".