THE PROMOTION REWARD CARD™ Mastercard (SILVER) $500 - $1000

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THE PROMOTION REWARD CARD™ Prepaid Mastercard® Card (in silver) is GUARANTEED In-Stock, available for immediate delivery, in denominations ranging from $500 - $1000. Accepted anywhere Mastercard Prepaid Cards are accepted worldwide.

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THE PROMOTION REWARD CARD™ Mastercard (SILVER) $500 - $1000
THE PROMOTION REWARD CARD™ Mastercard (SILVER) $500 - $1000
THE PROMOTION REWARD CARD™ Mastercard (SILVER) $500 - $1000


The GiftCard Group is the exclusive home of THE PROMOTION REWARD CARD™ Prepaid Mastercard® Card.

We are certain this versatile, available for immediate delivery prepaid card, will offer the absolute best value for sales channel offers, product launches, contests, loyalty & recognition programs, across all marketing and employee initiatives, for denomination load values, ranging between $5 - $1000. For higher card values we recommend THE PROMOTION PLUS CARD. THE PROMOTION PLUS CARD™ Prepaid Mastercard® Card is available in any configurable value range starting at $1001 to $5000 maximum.

Activation & fulfillment fees are subject to actual denomination loaded. Card co-branding starting at just $1 per card or less, for frequent volume purchasers. No minimum order volume, value or quantity requirements. Ask about our substantial in-house full service fulfillment, reward management offerings and extensive delivery options including bulk order processing, direct to recipient delivery, on-demand personalization & customization.

Terms of card use are subject to the Cardholder Agreement.

Card Co-Branding

Co-branding subject to initial approval from Mastercard® prior to production. This process is coordinated entirely by our concierge team and may take approximately 5-10 business days, for your first co-branding approval, after which no approvals are required.

Terms of Use

Card funds expire 12 months from the date of card activation. Cardholders are restricted to one Card per person. The Card is not returnable. The Card is not refundable. Funds cannot be added to the Card. The Card cannot be used for pay-at-the-pump transactions. This Card is not eligible for protection under any Zero Liability policy. ( You do not have the right to stop the payment of any transaction you conduct with the Card. The Card may not be cancelled by you unless otherwise directed in this Agreement or by Applicable Law.

The card funds, if any, associated with the card, will expire 12 months after the activation date. On and after the funds expiration date, card is unusable. Funds are not insured by the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC). THE PROMOTION REWARD CARD is a trademark of The Hunt Group, a Hunt Diversified Marketing Inc. company. All Rights Reserved.